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We connect sellers and purchasers around the world, allowing partners to enter new markets, and acting as an official distributor. With us, clients that desire to sell products on a different local market can reach new customers and build global position, simultaneously saving time and money. Unveil your company’s untapped potential.

ikona test A wide network of contacts at high positions;
We have built our experience for years, together with worldwide network of trust-worthy business partners in various industries with excellent quality of products, services, and highly qualified teams. Sharing these contacts at high positions with our clients, allows them to effectively and quickly reach new customers.
ikona testSave time and money
Our clients can save resources on looking for new partners globally on their own by simply telling us what products they have to offer and what market they desire to enter. We will connect them to new business partners and help them reach new customers, simultaneously acting as an official distributor for them.

Business relationsare most important & fundamental to us

#01. 100% Concentrated on target
We are fully concentrated on success of putting our clients’ products or services on new markets. If we don’t see potential, we won’t offer our cooperation.

#03. Endless development & improvement
What we know is never enough. We constantly learn new things, improve our skills and develop new solutions in order to provide the highest quality of services.

#05. Individual offer
What distinguish us from others is providing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. We treat each new case individually, never relying on worn-out solutions.

#02. Ambitious and disciplined team
We are young, ambitious, hard-working team of excellent specialists that make our clients’ needs a priority. At the same time we are easy to communicate with.

#04. Personal customer database
Our database is filled with data of partners from various locations, industries. We create personal customer database with useful contacts for each client.

#06. Instant contact
After sketching the offer, we will connect purchasers and sellers from various markets, by acting as an official, certified distributor for our clients.

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ico oferta1Many satisfied business partners
We can boast a track record of many satisfied customers that put their trust in us – and we haven’t failed them. They managed to enter new markets with their products, services, and now act as global brands.

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ico oferta1Successful business relations around the Globe
We are the official distributor of:

SEAMARK ZM X-Ray machines, more at:

EVOLABEL Print & Apply Systems, more at:

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ico oferta1Headquaters in Central Europe
With headquarters in central Europe, our company is in very convenient location allowing easy communication to various parts of the continent and world. We can quickly connect with other markets.

ico oferta1Connect businesses through people
We connect businesses via people, as they are the most important basis of each company. We put emphasis on human relations as a source of reliable, trustful, honest, and transparent partnership in business.

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ico oferta1Transparent cooperation
Clear terms of cooperation from the very beginning, constant and friendly communication between parties, and no hidden, extra costs make partnership with us beneficial, transparent, and comfortable.

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ico oferta1100% RELIABLE, 100% HONEST, 100% TRUST
We are fully trust-worthy business partner that acts in honest, transparent way on every step of cooperation. On the top of that, we are reliable and always stick to the terms of partnership and the agreed schedule.

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